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Donate New Goods

Here are a few ways to donate brand new items to SafeNest. We appreciate ALL gifts, but we see dwindling donations of basic need items like hygiene products, new warm clothes and diapers. Download the PDF below to see a comprehensive list of items we need.

SafeNest Shelves

Shop Our Wish Lists

Giving through our wish lists is a convenient and easy way to donate. Items on our wish lists ship directly to our Donation Center.

Start a Donation Drive

Please email [email protected] with the following details:

  • Donation drive “category,” i.e. clothing, toys, hygiene items
  • Dates of your donation drive
  • Preferred drop-off or pick up date
  • Social media handles
  • Logo – if the donation drive is sponsored and/or happening at a company/business.

Upon receiving your email, we will add you to our internal donation drive calendar, provide you with the SafeNest logo and coordinate delivery or pick up of your items. Please DO NOT wrap donations. If possible, please keep donations in original packaging. ALL donations should be scheduled for drop off or pick up via [email protected].

Please DO NOT drop new items at donation bins, instead drop off new items at:

SafeNest Main Office
3900 Meadows Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89107

To know what our shelter families need, you may check our shopping/wish lists at Amazon.

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