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Call Our 24/7 Hotline

SafeNest is here to help YOU:

  • Recognize abuse – verbal, sexual, physical, financial and digital
  • Determine ways to set safe boundaries and communicate with your abuser
  • Create a Safety Plan ahead of time, before you need to leave quickly
  • Learn about legal resources to protect you and your family
  • Listen to information about staying at SafeNest’s confidential shelter
  • Understand what counseling options are available at SafeNest

If you are considering leaving your home, it is important to prepare a Safety Plan. SafeNest has a list of options for consideration as you prepare to get out of danger, stay safe and plan for your future. A safety plan is a personalized, practical plan that includes ways to remain safe while:

  • Still in an abusive relationship
  • Planning to leave an abusive relationship
  • After leaving an abusive relationship

Emergency Temporary Protective Orders (ETPOs)

Emergency Temporary Protective Orders (ETPOs) are special protection orders if the abusive party is currently in police custody for domestic violence. ETPOs are available through our SafeNest Hotline, processed over the phone by a Hotline advocate and then transmitted to a judge for approval. The abusive party is then served with the order prior to being released from the mandatory 12-hour domestic-battery cell hold.

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